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Does Greek yogurt have probiotics

Jul 13 2013, 2:42 p.m.

Well the previous days I met a friend of mine and she asked me: Does Greek yogurt have probiotics? So if you have the same question keep reading along. 

Yes Greek yogurt is RICH in probiotics. Although this could be true for many traditional yogurts, Greek yogurt contains a full range of healthy probiotics.

Although the beneficial properties of yogurt are known to all, there have always been complaints about its rather full-bodied texture and its excessive sweetness. In fact, many traditional yogurts should be classified in the category of unhealthy foods because they offer almost nothing but sugar. But the authentic Greek Yogurt it is an exception and it makes the difference. The Greek Yogurt does not contain an excessive amount of whey (lactose), leading to a more full and creamy product. The Greek yogurt does not only differ in density and taste but has additionally the following advantages:

  1. High in protein: A cup of Greek Yogurt contains up to 23 grams of protein. This is rate is twice of that of traditional counterpart.
  2. Lower amount of salt. While diets in North America are full of sodium, the emphasis must be on eating foods with less salt. The authentic Greek yogurt contains up to 40% less sodium than the traditional one which means is healthier. In fact, this helps on losing weight.
  3. Less sugar. Authentic Greek Yogurt contains half the amount of sugar than the traditional yogurts have.
  4. Fuller and creamier taste: Many people prefer the rich and creamy texture of Greek yogurt. It simple has the sparsest texture of traditional yogurt.


Aside from yogurt, there are some other Greek probiotic products that could be exported with success. These products are various Greek cheeses, and pickles (which are very popular in the American market and in the Korean called "kimchee"). But there is a tiny problem with Greek pickles. They should be available in another name, as the word "pickle" has been established by the Turkish side. So having in mind just this, what would you answer in the question: Does Greek yogurt have probiotics?


Does Greek yogurt have probiotics?
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